• Carob Adzuki Hazelnut Brownies

    Like many people out there, I am a big fan of chocolate. One of my favorite brands of fancy chocolate is Alter Eco. They make an incredible dark chocolate with puffed quinoa. It’s organic, vegan, and fair trade and doesn’t contain any funky ingredients like soy lecithin. My less fancy (but equally tasty!) go-to vegan […]

  • The vegan Moroccan tagine

    In 2005, I spent a few weeks in Morocco as part of a French and Spanish college language program. At that point in time, I had never traveled outside of North America and Europe. For me, Morocco was the spark. It was the spark that prompted me to want to see more of the world, […]

  • Moroccan cuisine at a glance

    From our experience, Moroccans are incredibly hospitable. Without hesitation, they offer you mint tea, welcome you into their homes, and treat you like they would treat a close friend or family member. We were overwhelmed by the Moroccan hospitality. This hospitality extends into the meal setting as well, so we found ourselves enjoying (and learning about!) […]

  • Making traditional Japanese vegan sweets from scratch

    While present-day Japan is full of European-influenced sweets like cakes, cookies and chocolate, traditional Japanese sweets, also known as “wagashi,” are naturally vegan. Typical wagashi ingredients include mochi (pounded rice), anko (sweet red bean paste) and various fruits. Chestnuts, sweet potato and pumpkin are also popular wagashi ingredients. Wagashi can be found throughout Japan at family-run […]

  • Barcelona: Spain’s vegan hot spot

    While Spain may be best known for its cured meats, aged cheese, and fresh seafood, Barcelona’s flourishing vegan and vegetarian scene offers a unique alternative to the more traditional Spanish fare. A number of vegetarian restaurants have opened their doors in recent years, giving vegans and vegetarians a wide variety of options, ranging from vegan bars […]

  • Barcelona’s Blueproject Foundation Café is well worth a visit!

    After a marathon week of traversing the winding, narrow streets of Barcelona to find the best vegan food, we found ourselves wanting to go back to the Blueproject Foundation Café. We couldn’t get enough of this place! But all good things must come to an end, so after two incredible meals at the Blueproject Foundation, […]

  • Çiğ köfte in Istanbul

    We first came across çiğ köfte while traveling in Lubeck, Germany earlier this year. We found a small vegan shop called Vegana and figured we might as well check it out. Without a common language to speak, we pointed to a picture on the wall, not knowing what we had ordered. We then found ourselves with a […]

  • An authentic boza experience in Instanbul

    Having read about “boza” prior to our arrival in Turkey, I was determined to track down the real stuff at Vefa Bozacisi in Istanbul, a local boza shop and café that has been around since 1876. So what exactly is boza? It’s a beverage made from fermented millet, water and sugar. It’s quite popular throughout […]