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The name, Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, might confuse you at first, but rest assured, Suzy Spoon, the vegetarian butcher, is a vegetarian herself who sells vegan and vegetarian “meat” alternatives in her Newtown “butcher” and café.  Suzy is a self-taught vegan chef who first started selling her meat-free products at the Marickville market.  After outgrowing her first location in Enmore, Suzy set up shop on King Street in Newtown.  This new location is not only a commercial kitchen, but it’s also a café that serves an all-day mostly vegan breakfast and lunch menu.

So why the name, “Vegetarian Butcher?”  Well, Suzy would say that is exactly what she is.  She sells products that one would normally find at a traditional butcher, but her products happen to be entirely vegetarian.  What sets Suzy’s products apart from other meat alternatives is the fact that her seitan, sausages, schnitzels, bolognese and burgers are free from preservatives or strange sounding additives, which are so common in some of the faux meats that you find at the grocery store these days.  When reading through the products’ ingredients, you’ll find that you will actually recognize all of them.

You can purchase Suzy’s pre-packaged “meat” products at her Newtown shop or online.  The café’s breakfast and lunch menus feature an array of her plant-based “meats” along with coffee, tea, vegan baked goods and mixed salads.

From the outside:

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From the inside:

Suzy Spoon Vegetarian Butcher

If you’re looking for a classic burger, be sure to try the Spoon burger with some satay sauce on the side ($10 AUD/$9.15 USD).

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The “chili dog” is made with Spoon’s own smoked chili sausage.  It is served on a panini roll or gluten-free bread with sautéed onions, baby spinach, Spoon’s homemade vegan mayo, dijon mustard and hot chili sauce.

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Here are the details for Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher:

Address: 22/24 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 7am – 7pm, Thursday – Saturday: 7am – 10PM, Sunday: 7am – 5pm
Phone: +61 2 9557 9762