Hi, my name is Kate.  I have always loved the noun, “eats,” even though it may not be an actual word according to Merriam-Webster. It’s pretty simple, I enjoy eating really good food. For me, food provides a heightened sensory experience, tapping into my senses of smell, sight, touch and of course, taste. Food is a part of our daily lives regardless of where we live in the world. It brings people together and often provides the opportunity for friendship, laughter and storytelling. Food has the potential to nourish the body, but so often food gets a bad rap for contributing to chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, many foods, especially those prominent in Western diets, do just that. These foods (many of which are animal-based) slowly wreak havoc on our bodies over many years.

My food preferences have shifted over the years from food that I thought was good for me (like low-fat yogurt, 1% milk, lean meat and fish) to food that I now know is actually good for me and is kind to my body (all things unprocessed: dark leafy greens, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains).

One might call me a vegan, but for me, it goes far beyond not eating animal products. I like to think of it from the perspective of what I do eat, not what I don’t eat. Through plant-based culinary training, experience in health care marketing and attending conferences on preventive heath, I have discovered that eating a whole-food, plant-based diet has allowed me to achieve my optimal health.

Kind Eats will explore plant-based foods throughout the world. I will use space to discuss topics from plant-based food products and their “farm to shelf” lifecycle to those quick and easy plant-based meals that can be made on the road without traditional kitchen equipment. I look forward to better understanding the role that plant-based food plays across cultures. I plan to seek out those food establishments that take their plant-based food a step beyond the more traditional vegan fare, which can sometimes be heavily processed and full of additives that are just as bad for us as and sometimes worse than animal products.

Like I said, I love good food, but I especially love good food that is kind to my body, kind to others and kind to the environment.